Casinos Benefit Missouri
Casinos Benefit Missouri

Casino KC contributes to Veterans Community Project in honor of Veterans Day


JEFFERSON CITY, MO – In honor of Veterans Day, Casino KC is donating the change portion of patron’s slot tickets, known as ticket-in, ticket-out (TITO), received during the fourth quarter to Veterans Community Project in Kansas City. Veterans Community Project in Kansas City provides a community of 49 tiny houses for Veterans experiencing homelessness.

Many other Missouri casinos will honor the military this Veterans Day with various giveaways or promotions. Check with each casino for details.

Veterans Day donations and giveaways are just one of the many ways that Missouri casinos honor and support veterans throughout the state. Last year, Missouri casinos sent $18.6 million in tax revenue to the state’s Veterans Commission Trust Fund, which funds healthcare at its seven veterans homes, and assists veterans and their dependents through its programs. Missouri casinos have donated more than $342.8 million to the veterans fund since gaming began in Missouri. Missouri casinos also support veterans in their local communities by funding and volunteering at local organizations.

In addition to supporting veterans, Missouri casinos employ more than 8,500 people, pay wages totaling more than $314 million, generate $328 million a year for education, and provide $74 million a year in taxes to their host communities. Casino tax revenue is one of Missouri’s top tax sources, with Missouri’s 13 casinos contributing more to the state in gaming tax revenue alone than all Missouri businesses combined pay in corporate income tax. Casinos also generate many millions more in annual corporate income, property and sales taxes.

The Missouri Gaming Association (MGA) is the statewide trade association of the Missouri casino entertainment industry. Founded in 1994, the Missouri Gaming Association works to promote responsible gaming and increase awareness of the economic benefits of casinos in Missouri. The MGA and its casino company members sponsor year-round responsible gaming programs including the 1-888-BETSOFF crisis line and referral service, Project 21 scholarship competition, and Responsible Gaming Awareness Week. For more information, visit

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