Casino Initiatives

Our member casino companies financially support the MGA responsible gaming initiatives and promote responsible gaming in every aspect of their business, from educating employees, patrons and the public on ways to prevent problem gambling to offering resources to guests who request help.


Missouri casinos formally train their employees on the importance of responsible gaming, ways to prevent compulsive gambling, and resources they can offer to guests who request help.

The casinos display responsible gaming messages and helpline information on signage, brochures, telephone and in-house TV messages, marketing materials, billboards and commercials. They also promote awareness in their surrounding communities.


Missouri casinos have a zero-tolerance policy for minors. Employees are trained to spot possible minors (under 21 years of age) who attempt to enter the casino gaming area.

If a minor is found in a casino, he or she is arrested. Minors also are arrested for presenting false identification in an attempt to enter a casino, and for making or attempting to make a wager. If someone permits a minor to make a wager or helps a minor enter a casino, they are arrested as well.

Missouri’s casinos also support youth education and intervention programs such as the Project 21 Scholarship.


Missouri casinos serve as responsible gaming ambassadors year-round and they work to heighten problem gambling awareness during Responsible Gaming Education Month (RGEM), held each year during the first full week of September.

Created in 1998 by the AGA, the event promotes responsible gaming at casinos. The casinos sponsor related events and provide additional employee training.


Missouri casinos do not serve free alcoholic beverages on the casino floor, unlike casinos in many other jurisdictions.

Missouri casinos train employees who have contact with patrons to recognize intoxication and not over-serve intoxicated guests. Casinos also sponsor designated driver programs and offer transportation to intoxicated guests as needed. When intoxicated patrons refuse assistance and drive themselves, the local police are notified.


Our member casinos abide by the American Gaming Association (AGA) Code of Conduct to provide consistent, industry-wide responsible gaming programs.

The Code is a pledge to employees, patrons and the public to promote responsible gaming in every aspect of the casino business, including employee training, customer education, the prevention of underage gambling, responsible alcohol service, and responsible marketing and advertising.


Missouri casinos encourage their patrons to set their own limits and “bet smart.” With that in mind, the casinos offer brochures like the AGA’s “Casino Games – A Guide to Understanding the Odds,” which discusses factors that impact winning and losing, and busts common gambling myths such as so-called “hot streaks.”

Other responsible gaming brochures include:

Taking the Mystery Out of the Machine: A Guide to Understanding Slot Machines
Talking with Children About Gambling


Missouri casinos allow patrons to voluntarily ban themselves from specific casinos and/or from check cashing, cash advance services and credit card privileges. Patrons also can request to be taken off casino marketing lists.

Details of each casino’s self-exclusion program can be found on their websites and at their casinos. A statewide self-exclusion program also is available through the Missouri Gaming Commission.