Missouri Gaming Commission


The Missouri Gaming Commission, the regulatory agency that licenses and oversees casinos, administers the state’s Disassociated Persons Program, which allows people to voluntarily ban themselves from all Missouri casinos.

Developed in 1996 as a recovery tool, the program requires problem gamblers to proactively manage their addictions by agreeing to stop visiting Missouri casinos.

To support the program, casinos block all marketing materials and incentives to those on the Disassociated Persons list, and prevent them from cashing checks or participating in player’s club programs.

Casinos refer to the list before cashing checks or paying out large jackpots, so if a Disassociated Person is discovered visiting a Missouri casino, he or she is arrested for trespassing. After the arrest, the Missouri Gaming Commission reminds the person of their commitment and provides a list of certified compulsive gambling counselors, a Gamblers Anonymous meetings schedule and other recovery resources.

Beginning in 2012, people who have been on the List of Disassociated Persons for at least five years may formally request removal through the Missouri Gaming Commission.